2yr old sleep problems

Pamsball - posted on 02/02/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 2yr old has always gone to bed no problems, hes only slept with me on a few occasion such as when he is sick. However lately when i put him to bed same routine as always he screams and cries and begs for me to stay. I try walking out as i have always done, he out of the bed running after me before i even makenit to his door. I've tried putting him back to bed, but after 2hrs im exhausted. I have now started laying with him until he falls asleep. But by 2 hes in bed with me. The past week i have noticed twice he's while sleeping with me he has gotten out of bed and his calling for me in the hallway. Like he had no idea he was in bed with me. He also wants to be right on top of me at night. He also cries for me in his sleep even when im sleeping with him. Is this something normal 2yr old go through?

Now he has had a few things change, the 1st i switched his room to a bigger on and he got a new bed for Christmas. He slept in his new room and bed for almost 3 weeks with no issues.The 2nd thing is his father has been out of town working more then he usually is. He doesn't really do well with change, so it could. The last thing is he had surgery nothing major tubes put in and adenoids removed, however the hospital did not allow me to go back while they put him to sleep nor did they bring me back before he woke up. When i did get back to him he was scream trying to kick the nurse and they told me he tried to rip out his IV. I told them he does not like strangers and told them they should of brought me back before my 2yr old woke scared. I feel likehes bbeen traumatized from the experience.

I have no idea what to do, but no one in our house is getting in sleep.

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