3 1/2 year old girl refuses to be potty trained

Delores - posted on 10/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




help....she will hold poop if you do not put diaper on and when she has to pee...will not go on the potty and screams for diaper


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Dove - posted on 10/19/2012




I agree with Ariana. I will say that I've known a couple of families that have pushed the potty training and the children ended up with bowel issues for YEARS. Totally not worth it in my opinion.

Ariana - posted on 10/19/2012




I personally would not make a issue out of this. I know that sounds really irritating, and how can you not make an issue? But it sounds like this has become a control issue for her. Kids can go as far as holding their bowel movements until it becomes painful to refrain from pooing.

I would just let her wear the diapers for a couple weeks and not make an issue of it. After a couple weeks I would start again with trying to get her to use the potty with positive reinforcement when she does and basically a minimal response when she doesn't, like no reaction.

If she continues to start this pattern again for more than 3 weeks once you restart the process (with no comments on how she didn't use the potty or needs to wear a diaper) I would tell her that only babies wear diapers (not in a mean way, do it in a matter of fact way, like butterflies have wings). If you want to wear diapers you get treated like a baby. She might think it's fun at first but when she has to go to bed early, and isn't allowed to play with 'big girl' toys and has to sit in a playpen, she might not enjoy being a baby.

Holly - posted on 10/18/2012




throw away all diapers. tell her that you have to donate all her diapers to the babies... that she is a big girl now... remember YOU are the parent, and YOU are in charge of this, not her.

a nice thought would be if she went with you to a day care when you drop them off.

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