3.5 year old expressive and receptive language delay

Kristin - posted on 10/22/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there. I have a wonderful almost 3.5 year old son who has been diagnosed with a language delay and I've never felt so stressed out in my life.
I am so worried he will never make progress, never catch up and then if he does he will just regress. Darn google doesn't help either!!
Anyways I have an older son who was also speech delayed but quickly started talking as soon as my younger son was born.
My time is mostly spent shuttling my oldest to his activities/school/play dates...therefore I feel like my youngest has suffered for it.
My little guy just started preschool which is something I thought would be so good for him. the first few weeks were rough, he missed me but since then he has taken off and is flourishing. Adding new words, way more "chatter" and better socialization. He does absolutely everything the others do, following direction and paying attention ...he just isn't speaking like the others. His teacher is trained in special ed and has assured me that there is no cause for alarm at all, she sees no underlying issues whatsoever.
He will have an aide start with him next week at school, speech and OT as well so I'm hoping for success but I just can't stop thinking about the worst...
I'm worried about Autism..all my therapist friends, his teachers and aides have said no. He's extremely shy but makes great eye contact when he's comfortable with someone. Plays with others, affectionate, sleeps and eats well. Follows direction, points, responds to humerous situations...but he hand flaps and makes noises while doing so. (only when he's excited) He sometimes looks at toys funny but does play appropriately with them. The SLP and OT say that most kids with speech delay will also have sensory (hand flapping) I guess I'm just so worried he will never progress..which he has just starting preschool....I feel like I'm going crazy.
Any success stories or good advice you can pass on to this very very worried mom.


Sarah - posted on 10/22/2016




Why are you worried about autism? That seems like a far stretch from all the info. you know. You had the same with your oldest. Did you worry about Autism with him? Why are you jumping a mile when he is a inch? You have gone through this before and had a positive experience with your oldest why do you feel this will not be positive? I get you are worried but I don't get where Autism comes into play. There are MANY things that can attribute to a speech delay.

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