3.5 yr old crying to sleep by self

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My daughter is 3.5 and still sleeps in her crib (yes, I love the idea of still holding onto the crib! :). Well...up until 10 days ago! Now every night is a battle! She wants to sleep with Mom n Dad and has every excuse under the sun! It's exhausting since she wakes up upto 5 times during the night with this nonsense! Previously, she slept like a baby...almost 11-12 hours. Who is this child and what did she do to my sweet child :(. Please advise. I have been planning on switching out the crib to regular bed ...just haven't gotten around to it. Could it be that? Is this a behavior I need to put my Mum-shrink hat on to deal with? Any and all advice is appreciated!


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It could definitely be that she is ready for a big girl bed. At 3.5 years, she is probably very cramped in the crib. Without much wiggle room she is probably rolling up against the bars or brushing against them with her arms and legs and waking up. Also, the mattresses designed for cribs are not meant to hold very much weight. Unless she is a very small 3.5 year old, the mattress is probably very uncomfortable, which could also wake her during the night or prevent her from getting into a deep sleep, which would make it easy for any small disturbance (like brushing her knee or hand against the bars) to wake her up.
I would switch to a twin bed as soon as you can. Plus, the novelty of the new bed might get her excited enough to eliminate the bedtime battle and inspire her to stay put during the night.

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