3 kids drivin me crazy

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i have one child, lyllee and im babysittin two other girls. (2 and 5) and all they wanna do is scream and fake cry. i also have a cat and they kick him around and pull his tail. i know they are just kids but i can i get them to calm down they do this all day. i cant go for a walk for one its nasty out, and i cant even control them inside. plus with my 6month old daughter its hard to chase them down. some one please help me!! :....(


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Constance - posted on 04/27/2011




I have 4 children of my own plus the 500 kids that go through my house everyday ( not really just feels that way). I have always had the same rules for my kids ever sine they were babies, but I noticed that they weren't obeying them. I got fed up one day and I decded what rules were absolutly important. I typed them out, printed them and stuck them on the wall so they couldn't say I forgot. It has worked wonders. I have almost completely eliminated screaming, hitting and all of the other things that were a serious issues. My kids are older but here is what I have.
No Yelling
No name calling
use your inside voice when in the house.

NO hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, biting, scatching, pinching.
No kicking or pulling on the animals
No running in the house.
Do as you are told at all times.

Then I have set consequinces for breaking the rules. I just follow through with them. It doesn't take long for it to work.
Then find some fun activities that are really easy for them to do. So when they can't play outside it gives them something to do. Coloring, painting...... there are tons of ideas on the internet that are very reasonable or even free.
Keep them on a scheduale kids always do better if they have a scheduale because they will know what comes next once they get use to it.

Firebird - posted on 04/27/2011




Have you got colouring books? That might help distract them for at least a little while.

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