3 month old 18lbs and not satisfied with just a bottle

Jackie - posted on 03/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby Dallas james was 10lbs at birth and now at 3 months is about 17lbs. Can I start him on baby food or just rice cereal. I give him cereal in his bottle but he still doesn't seem satisfied. Any suggestions xoxo


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Kayla - posted on 03/18/2014




My baby boy was almost 12lbs at birth, so I know how you feel, their appetite is never satisfied! I wouldn't recommend the baby food or rice cereal yet though because your son is too young at 3 months for it. I found myself constantly distracting my son in order for him to not feel the need to eat so much. I found that the busier he was, the better, because he didn't focus on the bottle as much.

Jodi - posted on 03/18/2014




No. You shouldn't even be giving him cereal in a bottle. He is not ready for solids. ALL of his nutrition should be coming from his formula. Stop putting rice cereal in his bottles. For one, his tummy isn't ready for it and it can potentially cause digestion problems. Secondly, rice cereal does not have the nutrients he needs, so it isn't going to help - instead you are essentially feeding him empty calories. You shouldn't be feeding him anything other than his milk without your doctor's approval.

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