3 month old fighting naps

Emily - posted on 08/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello my little one is just three months now. For about a month now he has really been fighting naps. He gives me all the tired cues but and acts tired when I put him to bed he wakes up about 10 minutes later. I always try the crib first and it is usually unsuccessful. Then we move on to a walk in the baby carrier or stroller walk by the river, he enjoys the white noise.

I have tried everything to get him to sleep. Swing, white noise, car rides. Nope, he just fights it. After about four hours of being awake the meltdowns start.

We have ruled out anything medical.

I try not to hold him for naps during the day because then he is even harder to put down at night. Once he goes down at night he is a completely different baby. Sleeps 5 to 8 hours in the first stretch and then 4 or 3 hours more. I can feed him change him and put him back in his crib right away. Even if he is awake he will fall back asleep and rarely calls for me to help him get back to sleep. I can hear him wake up sometimes and he puts himself back to sleep without my assistance. But he can't do this during the day. I nurse/rock him and it will take hours to put him down for 10 minutes.

So lately he is a bit better about sleeping, but will only stay asleep for 30 minutes and will often wake up crankier than when I put him down. Sometimes I hold him and he wakes himself after 30 minutes and he looks scared! And then cries.

So my question is should I be worried? Is this a developmental thing or should I consult my doctor to see if there is anything we can do? He is getting less than minimum the amount of sleep required for his age.

Obviously I can't make him sleep... But is there something else I should be doing?

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