3 month old son occasionally finnicky when it comes to nursing...

Erica - posted on 02/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So, while I do pump and am stockpiling for when I go back to work, for now I exclusively breastfeed, but once a week (for some reason it always seems to be Wedensdays) my 3 month old son seems very finnicky with nursing. This is the case today. I thought maybe he was distracted because my husband was playing his video game so I took him into the bedroom... nothing. He'll take a few sips and then pull away or just not take it at all. He will nurse eventually but they're shorter feedings (5 minutes instead of his usual 10, give or take) and it will probably average out to him nursing about 7 times on those days rather then 10 or 11.

Like I said, I pump so on these days I try to offer him a bottle instead but he's not a big fan of the bottle. We started practicing with bottles when he was about a month old, a few times a week and he did great with the first few but now he just flips out when my husband or I try to offer him. I think consistency is the main problem but that's a whole other post...


Does anyone else experience these 'picky' days with they're baby to where it can be considered normal and I'm just being a paranoid mother or should I be concerned??

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