3 month olds eating / sleeping schedule...FIRST TIME MOM HERE, PLZ HELP!!!!

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I need some advise about my 3 month old daughters eating / sleeping schedule at night. She turned 3 months on the 24th and she is pretty much good with her schedule. 7-8am she wakes up and eats 5-6 oz, 12pm she eats 5-6 oz, 4 pm she eats 5-6 oz, and she will get a bath a few nights a week around 6:30-7 and then she eats another 5-6 oz, she gets up about 12-1 am for a feeding 4-5 oz, the she is up again around 4-4:30 am for 5-6 oz. My questions are 1. How can I start weaning her from her 4-4:30 feeding? And is she even hungry? I try to sooth her back to sleep, she sleeps for about 15-20 more mins and is fussy again AND 2. I have been putting about a 1/2 a tablespoon in a 6 oz bottle for her 7:30-8pm feeding, but it doesnt seem to do anything, like its not even in there, should I add more and how much? OR should I try a spoon feeding at that time and then some of her bottle? If yes to that, I have no idea how much to mix together for a spoon feeding and then how much formula to feed her in the bottle after. Then if she takes that well, when should I start 2 feedings of cereal a day and at what times and how much? First time mom here, PLZ HELP!!!!


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Solids should not be put in a bottle and should also not be started until 6 months. She is most likely hungry at the 4-4:30am feeding. You could 'try' feeding her every 3 hours during the day instead of 4 to see if that helps her sleep longer at night, but it may just be something she needs a bit more time for.

I don't have personal bottle feeding experience, but I had two that were on a 3 hour feeding schedule during the day from birth... and were only waking once in a 12 hour night at 3 months old. Then I had one who would not/could not fall into a schedule... and would sometimes nurse every hour or more during the day.... and 1-5 times/night until over a year.

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