3 months ago I had a miscarriage. I didn't go to the doctors until this past week. Throughout the past 3 months I kept having the brown blood, a brown jelly like substance and nipple discharge (the milk). When I went to my doctor she said I needed to get an ultrasound to see how much of the pregnancy is left inside me asap because she could see stuff (I'm getting one this Saturday). My boyfriend and I had sex a week ago (it was before the doctors) and these past couple days I've had more breast milk and stomach pains and barely any blood if any. Could I be pregnant again?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/11/2013




There is really no telling. If you did not fully miscarry, or get a DNC, there could still possibly be tissue inside of you that is making your body think it is already pregnant. I am glad you are getting the ultrasound. Just take it step by step at this point, and use protection in the meantime. You don't want to cause further complications.


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