3 weeks late...Second time possible pregnancy?

Susie - posted on 10/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just had a question. I'm not sure if I"m preggo and I know you would know since you've had more than one. I was due to have my period weekend of Oct 5th weekend ( likely the 5th or 6th). My last period was Sept 6th. However it does not all time right as they say with Ovulation and so if I were to say Ovulate by a 28 day cylcle it would have been close to the 26th of Sept. My BF came to town that Oct 5th. Sometimes they say Ovulation can be more than once a month or delayed and since I was expecting my period that first weekend in Oct I'm wondering if that could be the case. We did not use protection of course as we have not in a while.

My period never came and well if I calculate its been 3 weeks now. So my next supposed period should be 1st weekend in Nov ( est 2-4th). So the Preggo tests I took last weekend showed Negative but I still thought it was too early to test .Since I've missed my period well it was last Friday the 19th that I was walking to work and I felt dizzy and instantly I thought in my head to check and see if it could possibly be an early preggo sign. Sure enough it is and I"ve had some PMS/Pregnancy symptoms since ( Rise in Body Temp off and on flushing feeling, night sweats, bloating pants don't fit , blue veins a little more noticeable and my nipples are a little darker around them). Last night as I was sleeping I woke up and had some mild cramping of what would feel like a period is coming on but then today I am having some "pinkish" residue when I wipe after using the bathroom which I head can be a hint to a period coming or a sign of Implantation bleeding. I 'm a little confused and was wondering if you had any insight or am I just thinking too much. I have also been very tired which I know is a sign on PMS too so to add to confusion and of course the bloating etc moods and crying to anything mushy ( i.e. Bryan Adams " Everything I do I do it for you" lol ) I am lucky though since my BF is supportive and wants to help and be there for me and my son during this time. Is it possible or more likely a delay in period.

Sorry for the novel any feedback much appreciated!



Jazmyne - posted on 10/26/2012




I would have to say go to a dr. if you are conserned. It could be as simple as stress or a possible pregnancy. Either way you should go get checked out.

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