3 year old and potty training?

Angela - posted on 01/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I tried potty training my 3 yr old when she had just turned 2 last January and it didn't work. I tried again last September and she will go pee in the potty but not poo. She really wont go she ends up getting constipated. I've tried putting the potty in front of the TV, giving her a book, a piece of candy. Still nothing, any tips ??


Ariana - posted on 01/05/2013




I would take any struggle out of it and just let her go in her diaper or pullup for now. If she has to poo but won't use the potty allow her to go in her diaper. You can't force her so you're better of just letting her go like this and let her decide on her own when she's going to feel comfortable using the toilet. 3 year olds are very much for control and the more you try to get her to do it the more she's going to resist so just get rid of the power struggle.

Try to tell her stories of some sort of animal (a bunny or something) who wouldn't use the toilet but then through a series of events ended up using it (just make something up). At this age the most you can do is try to encourage her to use it in sort of 'backdoor' ways. Make up stories about it, read potty books, talk about older kids she knows and how they use the toilet etc. Just try to encourage her and ignore the fact that she's not going poo on the potty (no matter how much it actually bothers you). You can't win this battle so just give it up, eventually she will decide to do it. Give her at least a month before you start trying to get her to go poo on the potty again, let her use her diaper and after a month of that encourage her to use the toilet and see how much resistance she has to it, if it's a lot let it go and try again later, if she seems interested go with that.

Good luck to you!

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