3 year old behaviour problema PLEASE HELPPPPP

Sheena - posted on 08/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daugher just turned 3 and has been having behaviour problems for the past few months, to the point my husband and i are having a hard time dealing with it. I work from home fulltime, she is in nursery school 2 days a week. and her issues seem to be at home, she has tantrums, rips her hair out (some times just randomly while sat on the couch) she hits, blows her nose in the air, she cries screams like she is being abused. She gets attenetion and love, shes started peeing on the floor. She will not nap. and when we play with her or take her somewhere fun for her she has her little hissy fits. I am literally at my wits end please any advise would be appreciated


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Kimberly - posted on 08/30/2012




Who looks after her when your working from home on the other days she is not in nursery school? My daughter will be three in a few weeks and we have had some of the same issues, she stopped having her daytime naps about 5 months ago so it is harder because she is tired but just wont sleep. I find on the days that she is really misbehaving its usually down to being tired, hungry or bored. I do send her to her room for time outs but then I sit down with her and have a chat about why she is behaving this way. I find for us that sometimes she just needs me to sit with her and have quiet cuddles for a bit so she can relax and we both can take a breath. If she miss behaves when we go out to places I give her a warning that if she is going to act like this we are leaving, and actually follow through with it!

If you can get her outside for a walk or run around( when it isnt freezing cold!!) I find always helps wear off energy, good luck with it all

Sheena - posted on 08/30/2012




Thank you for responding. She gets sent to bed (depending if it is close to bed/nap time) or sent to the corner for 3 minutes. We moved 3 months ago to a new city and went from a Large detached home in cottage country, to a Condo in one of the largest cities in Canada. So it has been an adjustment, she has gotten worse since the move. That being said it did start before we moved.

Gwen - posted on 08/30/2012




How do you and your husband respond when she acts this way? Have there been any major changes recently - new house, new baby, new pet?

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