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My 3 yo boy refuses to sleep in his own bed and its effecting our marriage. He's always co slept off and on but since we moved its been more often than not. If he does fall asleep in his own bedroom (which hasn't been for well over a month now) then 2 or 3 hours later he's up and screaming and kicking at his door for us. I would just let him learn that's how things are but my husband has to wake up early for work so he gets our son and lays down with him in the guest room. We even bought him a cool hotrod bed but he won't even let us try anymore. So now at bedtime I lay down with him in the guest room till he falls asleep then I go to our bed. Then at either 3 in the morning or around 6/7 he gets up and comes into the big bed with me and sleeps there till we get up. We don't want him waking in on us and I'd like SOME time to myself! What can we try??


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What if he slept on a mattress on the floor in your room and you and your husband went to the guest room when you needed to be alone?

We co slept with all four of our kids. They all went to their own bed willingly, but they were between 3 and 4. I'm a big believer in co sleeper, but one issue is when they parents decide they are done before the child. All children will eventually choose to leave on their own, it just might not be when you want.

Anyway, I think it's completely reasonable for you to want to take a hard line on this, but personally, I wouldn't push. In the grand scheme of things four or six months of him on the floor of your room isn't huge.

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