3 year old crossing his fingers

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Hello everyone, I am a young mother of a 3 year old who recently started receiving speech therapy because he could barely put 2 or 3 words together. He is doing great! but he is developing other habits such as putting his hands in his mouth all the time, crossing his fingers, sometimes line up toys which I believe its ok, peaky eater since he was a baby, and sometimes aggressive with his 14 month old baby brother. Does any of your 3 year old have this habits? is it normal for him to act that way with his brother?


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Congratulations! You have a normal 3 year old! I am sure you will get advice , and that there are specific criteria, about exactly how many words a child should be able to speak at a certain age, but each child is a unique masterpiece, a true gift. My son had therapy and he learned very quickly and was back on track, but I was nervous at first. My child had many ear infections when he was a baby and had tubes by 14 months, so his hearing,talking, balance developed exponentially once he had the tubes in. His development in speech was fine but not 100% that of his peers. It caught up very quickly. Developing teeth, learning by putting everything in his mouth could be why his hands are in his mouth. My son also was a picky eater at this age. We consistently had him try very smal bits of different foods multiple times and eventually he began eating more things and continues. They tend to have to try things 7 times before they know if they like it. The best advice we had was "look at what your child eats in a week not on any given day" that is a better measure of the health of their diet and don't stress (as hard as it is) or they will stress and it will be more painful. Just do the best you can and he is going to be fine. Your son may be regressing on some behaviors simply because he sees the baby doing them, or the baby reminds him of when he was a baby. He may be acting aggressively toward your younger child because he is a boy and he just doesn't understand or he may find that is the best way to get attention. I am sure you are a great Mom, that last line was not an insult. The extra attention you pay to your older child will help both your children. I cannot stress this enough! I am the youngest of 8 and the sibling that is the next youngest made my life miserable because I got too much attention from my Parents and other siblings in her opinion. The older child may just need some extra attention, regardless this is all totally normal and I am sure you are doing the best you can. Hang in there!

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