3 year old daughter wont listen

Michael R - posted on 04/13/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My wife and I have to continually tell our 3 year old daughter to go to bed, clean her room, don't go outside without us, to buckle her car seat, etc.... But she never listens and thinks its a game. We've tried being nice, rewarding her, yelling, taking away her TV, spanking her bottom.... But nothing seems to work.... It's getting to the point where we're losing sleep over it because she continually gets out of bed with another excuse as to why she isn't in bed yet or listening. Any and all help is needed and greatly appreciated!!


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Raye - posted on 04/14/2016




Rules and consequences. Be consistent with one type of discipline for the same "crime". Try to be calm as possible when disciplining. It will take time, but she'll get it.

Ev - posted on 04/14/2016




And are you consistent with one form of discipline? And as for getting her to stay in bed at least, every time she gets out, take her back and put her in bed and walk away saying nothing. It will take time to get the message across. It does not happen overnight. As for the other things you are going to have to chose a way that is consistent to get her to do what you want. Yelling is something that they learn quickly to block out. Spanking just really does not work and she is old enough to understand what you say and to do it. Being nice is like trying to be a friend. Rewards all the time just do not work after a while because they will either expect it or won't care anymore. The issue with the car seat is this--it is dangerous for her to be out of it and at the same time can get you a ticket. So you tell her until she is ready to use the carseat, she can not go anywhere.

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