3 year old dictator

Ronnisha - posted on 04/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi I am a mother of three girls and my youngest is the worst toddler, preschooler I have ever had. She is so defiant that I don't know how to control her actions. She will get in trouble if it means she gets what she wants. The question that I have is how to curb the behavior without changing or harming her personality. I do believe in spankings but not for everything or every problem. I want her to understand without her losing her.


Ev - posted on 04/10/2013




She is needing boundries and only you can provide those. If she has used all sorts of things in the past to get her way and you have let it slide, that is why she is a dictator. Set limits to her age and enforce them. IF she throws a fit ignore it. She will learn to see that you are not going to deal with that behavior. Use the word no and stick by it too. They need to know who is in charge.


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Lea - posted on 04/10/2013




What does she enjoy doing? Limit her time doing that, or take it away every time she does something you don't like.

Or if she has as particular thing she does every day i.e. eat cookies at noon. If she does something that displeases you, take away the cookie privilege. Don't explain, just tell her we are not having cookies and walk off. Your toddler is sure to follow and ask why. Now you can tell her that you don't like the way she acted and that's why. If she apologizes, accept it but still do not let up the punishment. This will teach her there ate consequences to her actions. She is doing this because she knows she can get away with it. You need to hammer this mindset out of her. Mommy won't take shit from nobody.

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