3 year old having accidents with going to the potty! HELP!

Jodi Dannielle - posted on 05/09/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3 year old daughter has been fully potty trained since right after her first birthday, she had very few accidents up until about two weeks ago. Now just about every time she goes to the potty she has an accident, she usually just wets her panties. And while taking a nap the other day she had an accident while she was asleep. Is this just a stage or is something wrong? I've made her a doctors appointment. Just wanted some advice from other moms!! Please help!! Thanks!!


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Mary Ann - posted on 05/09/2016




I won't worry, my daughter was potty trained at the same age. She had accidents, at times. She's growing, sometimes the bladder needs to 'catch up' (Happened to me @9 embarrassing), or she may just be to busy to & thinks she can hold it a little longer. I won't worry. The body & mind of a child is amazing in figuring out' how '.

Sarah - posted on 05/09/2016




Has there been any change in her routine or family structure? Even something as random as getting a pet can cause stress and trigger a bit of regression. Since she did train so early it may seem like a big setback but I think with some patience and encouragement it will likely smooth out. I agree, to rule out a medical issue first.

Dove - posted on 05/09/2016




Wow... she was potty trained VERY early. Regression can be perfectly normal. It is also quite possible to be a UTI or similar. Good step to get her checked out. If everything is fine medically... it is possibly just a normal stage. A lot of patience and have her help clean everything up should help end it sooner. Frequent accidents after being potty trained for so long is also a possible sign of abuse, so just be aware of that and keep an eye out for any other suspicious behaviors.

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