3 year old suddenly sluttering

Shgo - posted on 03/24/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all
My 3 year old who was a very fluent speaker suddenly started to stammer one day and it is continuing from the last 4 months now... Some days are good and some bad but he stammers in his entire conversation whole day
I showed to two pedriticians but they said to wait and watch but now I'm getting too concerned and scared
Please help me


Sarah - posted on 03/24/2016




this is very typical at this age and most kids to stutter or stammer will outgrow it without any intervention. This is a time of rapid development of skill, language and complex concepts. Your child may be desiring to share so much and is excited by his knowledge that he may trip and stammer with speech. Encourage him to slow down, think about what he wants to say and say one part at a time. If you are truly concerned and you live in the US, you can have a parent requested evaluation done thru the public school system. A speech pathologist with evaluate his speech and determine if there is a great enough deficit or issue to warrant intervention.

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