3 year old tantrums. Dont know what to do anymore

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Hi, I am new to this page. I am not sure how it works but from what i have seen you ask questions and get help from other moms, so i am hoping some of you other moms could relate and help me on what to do.
I have 2 girls and expecting another baby in september,
My youngest is 2 will be 3 in july, i am having trouble disipling her. She does not want to listen to me at all, and i just dont know what to do, i have gotten advice from my doctors ect, but nothing has helped so far, for example. today she decided she wanted to push her older sister becuase i asked her older sister to get me a pen. and she through a fit because i didnt ask her. so she decided to throw a fit and push her sister, also today she decided that she wanted to swing on the couch and love seat ( on the arms, because they are close enough together that they she can put both hands on it and swing her legs back and fourth) i told her nicely to please stop and if she kept doing it she would have to go to time out, needless to say she kept doing it and everytime she went to timeout but as soon as she got out she did it yet again multiple times. i have tryed sitting her in the corner in a chair, i have tryed nose in the corner also nose on the wall, for 5 minutes or longer... she has also got in trouble for stomping on her toys or throwing and breaking them so i take the toys away but still doesnt effect her. she constantly tells me NO, then will spit at me ( how kids do when they make sounds with their tongues, and make spit bubble sort of thing..if that makes any sense) she stands on my furniture and jumps off it. she is also double jointed so she easly gets nurse maids elbow from doing such things as jumping off the couch, i have taken snacks away from her. ect..i am just extremly stunned on what to do at this point and i NEED to get it under control before the 3rd baby arrives. ANy help would be great,, honest as possible.. :) thank you for listening


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Wow that's a handful... well my mom has 8 kids and honestly the only thing that helped us was spankings she tap us on the but 3 times real hard n we would mind. she had to hit the boys harder tho. that's what you should do if u refuse to whoop your kids that's okay..but a kid gonna be a kid n take advantage if they know they can get away with things. or try taking things away for the day or no sweats at all today. or make a allowance n tell her u wont get it at the end of the week if your being bad.

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