3 year old wont sleep

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My 3 year old still wakes up at least twice a night and wants milk! She eats a good meal before bed and everything but she still wakes up and wants a cup of milk!! I am so tired and grumy when she does this and it's taking a toll on me physically. I cant get a solid nights sleep. I have tried to tell her know but she will fuss and scream until she gets some. so for the sanity of my household, I give in.. Please tell me what to try so we can both get some sleep.


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well, DON'T GIVE IN.
keep a glass or sippy cup of water next to her bed.
tell her when she goes to bed that there will be no more milk at night.
when she wakes up and demands it, tell her she can have some water now and milk for breakfast, close the door and leave.
let her scream it out. it might take a couple of nights, I doubt it'll take longer than a week.
if she will not stay in her room. you have the option of sitting in there with her, or in front of her room, living room... you need to make it a point to put her in her room every time she walks out.
make sure you are ready for this, because it will take all your nerves and you will need to stay VERY calm.
Do not lock her bedroom door.

Every time she comes out, go down on eye level, you tell her that it is the middle of the night, that she does not need milk, she can have it in the morning, she may have some water, but she needs to go in her room and into her bed and sleep.

you need to be very consistent. DO NOT GIVE IN.
Have a friend over to keep you calm, ask your husband/mother/who ever to help you.

but you need to stay focused, calm and keep that for a couple of night.
your kid KNOWS if she screams long and loud enough, mommy will get her what she wants...
she should be confronted with mommy who hasn't had a full nights sleep and is fed up.

and if she screams for 5 hours... make sure she stays in her room (bed preferably)
you may go in on occasion calm her down and go back out.
she may have water, but that's it.

I don't see anything wrong with water, because I get thirsty at night, so she should be allowed to have some.

i can't think of anything else except some tough love.

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