3 yo with cradle cap. how do it get rid of it??

Erin - posted on 06/24/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Both my children have cradle cap, the baby i'm not too worried about as i can moisten her head with olive oil and get some of it off. However my 3 year old still has it, and it's hard to see but her scalp is still scaly with it and i have been using cradle cap shampoo on her for the last 3 years! Any suggestions other than the dang shampoo?


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Ive never had a problem with cradel cap but ive heard that rubbing baby oils on it helps....good luck I hope you can get rid of it!


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Deb - posted on 06/24/2011




I have partnered with a Helath and Wellness company and have a safe natural solution. Due to internet regulations cannot post, but if interested please give me a call 605-270-0159 and also check out my site: debs-kidsneedus.com (no need to type the www). Thanks!

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Here is what I found (and i used olive oil on my baby, then washed her hair)

The baby gets a sort of infant dandruff, which is caused by overactive oil glands on the scalp and face, and the condition sometimes also affects necks, ears and even armpits. Although some children have cradle cap even until their first year, it's unusual for a toddler or preschooler to have it. If your pre-schooler has something that looks like cradle cap, get to the pediatrician to rule out other potential ailments or allergies.

Was your baby's hair more frequently, and use a soft brush to brush the scales away. Some people swear by using baby oil or mineral oil (most baby oil is just mineral oil with a baby scent added), but others say it can worsen the condition by increasing the oil even more on the scalp. If you've been shampooing your baby's hair without noticing any decrease in the flaking, try using oil. If you don't like the idea of mineral oil, use a natural product such as olive oil. Rub it on your baby's head, use a soft brush to brush the flakes out with it, and then finish up with a gentle shampoo. In this way, you're using the oil to loosen the oily flakes and then washing it away so it doesn't add to the build-up.

If you try the baby oil home remedy and the cradle cap still doesn't decrease, you can get a special medicated baby shampoo from your pediatrician. These shampoos contain salicylic acid (the main ingredient in aspirin) and another well-known dandruff cure, sulfur. But they can irritate the baby's skin and dry the scalp, so use them carefully after consulting with your doctor. For strong cases of cradle cap or unusual amounts of spreading, the doctor may prescribe a cream made of hydrocortisone to treat the redness and rash.

If your baby's skin gets red and itchy, it may be that a yeast infection has found a foothold on the irritated skin. This most often happens in places with creases—behind ears, around the face, under arms or in the folds of the neck. If you notice the rash has spread and your baby is acting uncomfortable, the pediatrician may prescribe an anti-fungal cream product to kill the yeast infection.

Jackie - posted on 06/24/2011




Strange thing... I have a 2 1/2 yo girl that never got it when she was a baby but all the sudden has it out of nowhere! I've been using baby oil (even though it makes her long hair look greasy) and using my finger nails to flake it off and then use a fine comb after bath. It seems to work.

Does anyone know what causes it?

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