3 yr old very mean & nasty?

Alanah - posted on 04/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I watch my 3 1/2 (birthday in September) year old sister everyday. I am her daycare, but even if I wasn't, I'd still be asking this question because it gets worse when others are around.

My last straw was this morning. She woke up early, so before my mom left for work, my sister was put in bed with the TV on and was told to relax until everyone else was awake (we have a full house and she's a very noisey kid). I went in there and asked "good morning princess, whatcha watching?" And she SCREAMED no at me and ran to shut the door in my face. I did nothing. This is an everyday many times a day thing. I play with her, I make her food, we go on walks to the park, I color in her books with her, ect.. I rarely raise my voice but I do put her in time out and am persistent about it which understandably makes her upset but for the most part it's all play time. But once playtime is over she's back to a mean tone in her voice, scrunched up face and pouting around the house. I can't play with her 24/7, I'm 18 and I never signed up for this. I will gladly play with her but she expects me to play all day everyday but I do still need time for other parts of my life. Her bedtime routine is to give everyone a hug and kiss before she goes to bed and she'll give everyone a kiss but me, she'll stomp her feet and say no. She will spit at me (yes, you read right, SPIT) and say things like "I don't like you!" Or she'll throw things at me when I tell her to play in her room instead or to stop throwing a ball, ect. Of course she has her days of being the sweetest thing ever and is all about kisses and hugs and saying "I love you", and most days it is a bit of nasty and sweet. But the "I hate you!" And "you're not my sister!" actually really hurts to hear. She doesn't be mean to others at all. She goes to her dads house for visitation for 10 days a month. She has 2 other sisters there that baby and spoil her while I on the other hand don't have the means to get up and go to chucky cheeses just because she asks or take her shopping just because she wants something... And I think that's how she measures love. Idk what to do, I understand we're siblings and this happens (I have 2 other sisters as well) but it's getting out of hand and hurtful. I can't even make her breakfast without her saying mean things to me... Or like today, go get her out of bed without a door being slammed in my face. She's around many other people and nevr treats them like this. Sometimes she's really nice and all about her "nannah" but many times throughout the day she is very mean to me.

What do I do?


Rosie - posted on 04/21/2014




My question is what does your mom say? Does she tell her to treat you better does she give time outs? My three year old is the same little brat. I love her more then anything in the world but same way as your sister some times. If she's not getting rules and bounderies from everyone what your doing won't register with your sister! She being taught that she can walk all over everyone with no consequences. Not healthy for her and unfair to you! For you to be even on this site asking at 18 isn't fair it's not your child and it's true you have a life to live and don't deserve to be treated like that. I'm sorry and hope that if you can sit down and talk to your mom about how she should be the mom and fix this or at least help discipline her when shes home and sees what your sisters doing then it may get better? It could be she going through a brat phase and your the target? Talk to your mom and she needs to set rules and follow through and get her dad to do the same thing at his place or it won't get better for a long time! Good luck and God Bless!

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