30 weeks pregnant, back pain and neck pain and baby constantly kicking me in the ribs

Youngmummy - posted on 09/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I really need help. Im tired at night because i cant choose what side to sleep on and then when i wake up, i always end up on my back. I put a pillow between my legs but it somehow ends up being flung off the bed or "not there" anymore. And then my bub is always playing under my rib cage, and its quite painful at times. Help


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Deepak - posted on 10/30/2013




I hope by this time you back and neck pain has gone. If still persists do not hesitate
to put on circle of moms. I physical therapist I have started doing community time for moms
on wed/ Thursday

Elfrieda - posted on 09/11/2012




Well, babies do that. My rib cage is permanently stretched due to my son's leaping around in there almost three years ago, and this baby is even livelier than he was. (but this one doesn't seem to know the trick of turning sideways and then stretching out its legs... I don't like that trick!) If it hurts constantly, maybe you should get it checked out, I've heard of someone dislocating a rib like that.

The sore back and neck, it helps a little if you get back rubs every day, take a hot shower with the water right on the sore spots, and do some stretches every morning to try to loosen things up. At least, that's what I'm doing to try to help myself at 33 weeks along. (my husband is very nice about the daily massage, but I try to flatter him so he won't feel like he's always giving with no appreciation)

Good luck, it will be more cramped in there soon, and the baby won't be able to move around as much. Hopefully that will help.

Johnny - posted on 09/11/2012




Wait about 10 weeks, it'll be over. I'm 31 weeks and in the exact same spot. It's unpleasant, but that's about it. In my last pregnancy, I was on bedrest due to frequent fainting spells and extremely low blood pressure. So trust me, it could be worse. You could try a pregnancy pillow like a Snoogle which is better than just sticking a pillow between your legs.

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