32 Months old and still not talking

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My son is 2 years old, he will be 3 in February. He says ma sometimes 5 times in a row and does not try to attempt to say anything else. Sometimes he will sound like he is trying to pronounce letters but I can't be sure to make it out. He is very tech smart. He can do anything with my phone or his tablet. He already has a speech therapist that comes to my home. If I try to make him repeat a word or sometimes try to read to him he will get upset. He always says to me he will talk when he is ready but, I am getting annoyed and concerned that he may have autism. He hit all of his milestones early like learning how to crawl and walk. Also he has a bad eating habit I try to give him a variety of things but he won't eat it. He will point to the snacks that he want over the food.


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If you are truly concerned about autism, you could ask his pediatrician for a referral for a full medical diagnostic. Or even a referral from the organization he receives therapy from. Are you working with an Early Intervention program or a private therapy organization? My son recently had a medical diagnostic done through Easter Seals for Sensory Processing Disorder, and the autism evaluation was a standard part of the testing process, even though we knew he didn't have autism. There are many possible reasons why a child is speech delayed, so if no progress is being made in therapy I would think further evaluations would be necessary. How long has he been receiving speech therapy and how open and direct is the therapist with you about the progress being made? Does the therapist ever discuss with you possible underlying causes? Or teach you therapy techniques and goals to work on between therapy sessions? Sorry I have a million questions, but there are so many unmentioned factors that can play into this scenario. Especially if he is a picky eater on top of that. If you consistently offer a variety of foods and he is so picky at such a young age, those aversions can be another symptom of something else going on. I deal with this with my son as well; it is part of his sensory disorder. My son was diagnosed with a speech delay at 19 months and started therapy soon after, and he didn't make much progress at all in therapy for about six months, only to find out that his sensory issues were the real underlying problem. His language exploded once we got him into occupational therapy for the sensory stuff! I'm not at all saying your son has what my son has, I'm only emphasizing the point that speech delays are very often the SYMPTOM of something else, so whether or not your concern about autism is founded, I think you're right to follow your instincts and pursue this further.

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