33 yr old pregnsnt daughter

Barb - posted on 06/28/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter lives with me and is 3 months pregnant. Get & boyfriend plan to marry but not sure when???? She wants to live with me with baby& boyfriend so that they can save money.. I am torn because I think she needs to grown up get her own place. Her& boyfriend both work they don't make a lot but both have cars. Neither have health insurance & neither have discuss any other changes to be made except for them to live in the finished basement. I am not 100% against her living her I am a single mom and live with my 79 year old mom. House is big for just 2 of us. I am totally not comfortable accepting her living here with her boyfriend. If they gonna get married & want to live her I would like her to do that before she lives here and she must pay rent & have some plans of how long& other structure.


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Sarah - posted on 06/28/2015




Unless you relish the idea of raising this baby, you need to start a move out plan. Why she and her boyfriend do no have health insurance is a mystery. If it is not offered through work, then Obama Care or medicaid should cover your daughter at least. She is 33, time to grow up and act like a big girl. If they refuse to leave. Let her know you will always love her and you will always desire to be part of the baby's life (and help to a point) but she is not staying in your home with a newborn. Unless this is how you want your life to be....caring for your aged mom and your new grand-baby
Why is she even still living with you? If I had lived with my parents until 33, I would have had a fortune in savings! What sort of work do they each do?.

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Seriously? She's already living in your home, at the age of 33! Of course she thinks that this should continue!
How in the world (if you're in the US), is your 33 YO daughter not only still living with you, but NOT on any type of insurance plan? That's illegal in the US...
For god's sake, why have you continued to enable her dependent behaviour? There's a difference between you living with your aging mother...we all expect to take on the caregiving for our parents at some point, but your daughter is WELL over the age of majority, and should have been supporting herself for (at the VERY LEAST) the last 13 years.
Get a contract in place for her responsibilities while residing in your home. Include amounts for rent, food, utilities, etc, and conditions such as getting on a health plan, making a comprehensive parenting plan with her SO,. and working towards moving out. I'd only give her 30 days...but then again, my 33 YO wouldn't still be residing in my home, either...

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