36 weeks & breech

Lauren - posted on 09/19/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hey mommies!

I had my 36th week pre-natal appointment yesterday and it looks like our babygirl is in breech position. My Doctor gave me several exercises to do for the next week to try and get her head down until our next appointment next week. However, she said if she's still in the breech position next week, then they will try and manual turn her (ECV) and if that doesn't work, then they will offer me a C-Section... Whoa, a lot to take in!?! Immediately, I went home to do research my options; my questions are:

-If she still is in breech position at my follow-up appointment next week, do I HAVE to have an EVC? I've researched that the success rate isn't the greatest (50/50), it can be pretty painful AND chances are if it is your first baby (which it is) he/she can flip back into breech position if they want to.

-The only way I'll get an ECV is if I get induced immediately after so that I don't give my babygirl the chance to flip back into breech. Can I request that?

- Lastly and more importantly, I just want to go with the flow like I've done this whole pregnancy. It's been pretty pleasant until all this C-section talk :( If she turns out to still be in breech position next week, can I just hold off on scheduling a C-section until I naturally go into labor? If I get to the hospital when I am in labor, can they manually turn her then?

Sorry, so many thoughts and questions about this- I am just a nervous wreck! But, I truly have faith in my baby and body that she will turn when she wants to- even at the last minute. Maybe she's a procrastinator like her dad? LOL j/k ;)

Any tips or advice, mamas? Thank you in-advance! God bless!

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