36 weeks worries

Antonia - posted on 09/21/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 36 weeks with my second ' I have been feeling lots of pressure down low it hurts when i walk stand and bend over with some sharp pains that hurt bad I've had back pain for a week now that doesn't go away yesterday I felt nauseous all-day should I be worried or go to l&d


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Stephanie - posted on 09/21/2015




You may be in the early stages of labor. I think you should consult your physician. I remember when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I had pain down below especially between my inner thighs the pressure was unreal. I visited my doctor and he said that there wasn't a problem. I know what you are feeling like however shortly thereafter about 26 weeks my baby came-prematurely. Go to see your doctor and let him/her exam you. I hope this helps!

Sarah - posted on 09/21/2015




Is the baby moving? Are you having any discharge or bleeding? Are you having any regular contractions? If your answers are yes, no, no I'd wait a bit. Of course you do what you think is safest and maybe call your doc to be sure becasue I can't give you medical advice. I do know as a former L&D nurse, you are feeling the stretching of your ligaments, the baby's head in down on your cervix and and "flu-like" symptoms are actually early labor. Your so close, they'd not try to stop you labor at this point. If it gives you peace of mind, call your doc and ask what they think. If you are in a lot of pain try these things: warm shower or bath (if you can get up without falling), drink a big glass of water a lay on your left side (this often will help baby shift and make your pain lessen) and finally get on all fours and arch up and down slowly and as far as you can without pain. Good Luck!

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