37 Weeks- Are these signs of labor? Should I go to the hospital? (First Pregnancy)

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Hello everyone i am 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. This pregnancy has went ver soonthly except for the extreme morning sickness i had till i was 28 weeks other than that no stomach aches, headaches, or back aches. I am very confused on what is going on right now, i have not actually felt what contractions are like that i know of i went to the hospital two weeks ago because of a very dull pain in my back and horrible menstrual cramps (the worst ones you get the first day of your period) when they monitored me they told me i was having contractions without even knowing and gave me an iv to stop them. I have also had loose bowels the last couple weeks which is not normal for me so im guessing thats part of the "cleansing process" Today i am having menstrual pains and also what it feels like to be a very bad stomach ache. TMI ALERT: I tried to go to the bathroom and at first i couldnt go then i got a little bit of the runs and then i couldnt go again, its feels like i need to push but when i try i get what i can only describe as leg spasms and hip pain.


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You are 37 weeks so it's possible to go into labour at any time, I would go to the hospital to be safe. Better safe than sorry.
When I had my first I didn't know what contractions were like because mine were one on top of the other and EXCRUCIATING. But with my second I had pains on and off, that would get stronger as time went on. You'll feel an intense crazy pain that'll last like 30 seconds and then completely go away and keeps going on and on.

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