37 weeks pregnant very depressed, fustrated, angry and major anxiety.

Tiffany - posted on 08/10/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I am 37 weeks 4 days pregnant and went to my ob appointment under the assumption I was getting induced this week but then was told different when I got there.
I'll start from the begging I told my doc about the uncontrollable itching I was having in my hands and feet and had blood drawn to determine if I have what's called ICP. It is a liver disease that causes bile acids to pretty much kill your placenta killing your baby with no notice.
This was also among seeing if I have pre clampsia.
So I went to the doc last week and she said that they where not going to let me go past 38 weeks pregnant and that they may induce me early at my next appointment which was today 8/9/16 but if not for sure on the 13th. They had me cancel all other appointments and everything. So I went home excited prepared for today getting everything ready incase they induced today and not Saturday the 13th. Well when i get to the appointment my doc tells me that the results dnt look bad enough to admit today and will see me next week. I told her what happened to coming in the 13th and she says i look pretty good today and don't see the need to induce me anymore. I was shocked and told her that i already told my work and they have covered all shifts as well as my family that has taken personal leave to help me starting next week since i have 3 other children and a disabled husband. This was all done cuz my doc said no later then the 13th.
I have severe stress anxiety depression and ocd that makes it very difficult to cope with on a daily basis to begin with.
I dnt know how to react i wanted to punch this doc and i was so fustrated that i left. I need help what to do. I cried all day hit a wall and anxiety attacks kept happening all day and now feel so depressed that i am not even excited to have this baby and dnt want to go or do anything anymore. I need help to fix this.
My baby was not planned it was a once in a long time thing and was also on a iud birth control. So never expected to get pregnant any time soon due to my very stressful life with my husband and 3 kids 12,10, and 5. I was happy after some time knowing I was having another baby girl. I just want to lay in a bed and not do anything. I dnt know what I will do for money now knowing my job is pretty much gone and dnt have help with Ssi for my husband yet long story for that and I feel help less....

Please no harsh comments I dnt need to be anymore depressed then I am already and do something stupid. Thanks.


Sarah - posted on 08/13/2016




I am back from camp. So sorry I did not get online much I was so busy with campers.
Tiffany; first, how are you holding up? From what you describe you do sound like you have cholestasis and you should be delivered as soon as baby is term. Even though is it Saturday, I'd call you doc and tell her you are miserable and ask to her to admit you for induction. It never hurts to remind a doctor that if they were in your shoes, they would want their doctor to agree to the original plan. If you take a friend or your hubby along to help advocate for you to your next visit, you may have better luck. Ask her what reason does she have for holding off the induction? The baby is term and you are sick, isn't it riskier to leave you pregnant that deliver you now?
Please update us and let me know what I can do to help. You can send me a private message too.


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