37 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby and measuring big

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so i saw my doctor today and i am 37 weeks (belly measuring 40 weeks) and my baby has been measuring big since day one plus i have "extra fluid" no GD. i had an u/s baby is measuring 9.4 doc scared me straight by letting me know that if i have baby "normal" i could be looking at causing nerve damage for the baby's arm and baby getting stuck or me tearing all the way down. she let me know that she can not induce or c section until 39 weeks which she then said could mean baby could measure at about 10+lbs. she then asked whaat i wanted to do i said still try natural and if it looked like she could not come out then we can c section but she went on about the risk and then just kind of decided we would just schedule a c section for the 4th of dec :/ this is my second baby and i loved the experience of having my first girl natural she was 8.2 and 21 1/2 long i pushed for two hours before she actually came out but i had no complications aside from my daughter coming out with a cone head lol. but i would really want to try natural again but would hate to put my baby at risk of anything. am i just being selfish or should i feel the right to have her natural?

ps i'm 4'11" maybe a lil to small for natural??


Amanda - posted on 11/19/2012




I measured 40 cm at 35 weeks with my son, I went for an ultrasound and was told he would probably be at least 9lb. He was 6lb so they were way off.

If you want to go natural and there's no immediate risks then go for it. I would speak to my doctor again and discuss it with them.

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