38 weeks 3 days... Are my waters leaking?!

Tess - posted on 03/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, I am 38 weeks 3 days today. But, on Saturday night (1 day before my 38 wk mark) I started to leak a clear odorless fluid. I couldn't control it. I put a napkin on my panties laid down and waited a bit before getting up and when I got up I leaked. I checked the napkin it was soaking wet. Once again it was clear and had no smell. I went to the hospital and they waited 3 hours, then did a swab test (at that point I was dry down there). The test came back negative for amniotic fluid and urine and they sent me home. That morning I started to leak again. It was again clear and odorless. Then after 2 hours it stopped. The leak was a very very slow trickle. I told my dr today at my appointment and she didn't check nor show any concern. I'm concerned and don't know what to do and I don't know what this liquid could be! I'm not having back to back contractions and the drs only seem concerned if that were to happen. Which I feel is BS. Help!!


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Well, if you start leaking again, go back to the hospital WHILE you are in the mist of leaking. They can look at your panty liner also. Sometimes we have clear discharge, but for it to leak and stop with the swab being negative......maybe it is just normal for you? Not sure. You can definitely have a slow leak. Maybe request an ultrasound? A tear may show up.

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