39 weeks with no signs of labor?

Asha - posted on 10/07/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




So im 39 weeks pregnant and i have no signs of labor coming soon except my braxton hicks are getting stronger and the pressure but for two weeks i've been at 1 cm and 50% thinned out. I lost my mucus plug at 36 and 37 weeks pregnant but still nothing my due date is on the 14 of october so im pretty excited about that but still no signs of labor did anybody else go through this so close to there due date?


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Tara - posted on 10/08/2012




I had no signs with either of my girls until I actually went into labor. With my first I had to be induced at almost 43 weeks because I didn't actually go into labor (when they stopped the induction drugs my contractions stopped). With my second, I had no signs at all until my water broke at almost 42 weeks and from there I went straight into regular contractions.

With any luck you'll actually go into labor fairly close to your due date :)

Amanda - posted on 10/07/2012




I had no signs of labor with either of my kids until I was in labor.

I had no braxton hicks, no pressure, my babies hadn't even started to drop let alone their heads engaged and I wasn't dialating.

My second baby was born at 39 weeks and 3 days.

I would make sure you are prepared and rest up, your baby could be here any day.

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