3rd labours???

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Just wondering how many moms labours went with their 3rd birth? Quicker slower etc? And if they want how long their other labours went. induced or not?

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Delia - posted on 06/18/2011




Factors affecting the length of your labor are the size of your baby, the position of your baby (anterior vs posterior), the way the baby's head is aligned or not with your cervix, how ripe your cervix is, how comfortable you are, how much you walk, change positions, and rest, how safe you feel, what you eat, how much you drink, how many years since you last gave birth. I could go on and on. The notion that subsequent births go faster than your first can be true to a point in that your cervix has already opened up to 10 cm., but don't count on anything other than being prepared and expectant.

#1 10 hours active labor (46 hours after water broke)

#2 9 hours

#3 3 hours

#4 6 hours

#5 5 hours

No Pitocin, no drugs.

Jessica - posted on 03/20/2010




With my third son, I was 7 days overdue and had to be induced as he was showing signs on "being uncomfortable". Labor was induced and lasted a total of 10 hrs, and recovery was long and tough but it was not an easy birth.
My first was 10 weeks early, and my second was right on the due date, lasted 12 hours, but was very easy (for labor), and easy to recover from in comparison.

Brittany - posted on 03/20/2010




my third labor was horrible it hurt worse and took longer non of mine were induced all three i had epidural my first one i couldn't feel anything, my second one i had to have three and my third one i had one epidural but it did nothing everyone and every labor is different

Dawn - posted on 03/20/2010




My third labor was the longest. In fact, it was longer than my first two combined. I keep going the wrong way....5.5 hours for #1, 7.5 hours for #2, 14 hours for #3. I was induced for #1 & #3, but not #2. As far as recovery went, each time it was easier for my body to recover. I'm due with #4 in June and it BETTER NOT go even longer!!!!

Suzanne - posted on 03/20/2010




my 3rd was the hardest labor, I have 5 children. The labor wasn't the longest but definately the hardest and longer to recover but that was mainly due to her being posterior but they are all different i think we think they get easier but i we are just more experienced and know what to expect.

Lindella - posted on 03/20/2010




My third labor was the most predictable out of all 5. Meaning, my water broke on its own and I immediatly started having contractions. My water broke a 6:07 am. I delivered at 11:59 pm that night. He came after 6 pushes. I did have to get induced due to the contractions slowing down mid-afternoon. It was a 18 hour labor. All my boys had to be induced. My first child a boy, 2 1/2 wks late, Scheduled induction, 24 hours of labor, vaginal birth, pushed too many times... and he was born healthy. My second child a girl, 2 days early, 50 hrs of labor, vaginal birth, pushed 2 times, and she was born healthy. My fourth child a boy, I was in and out of the labor and delivery every night for 6 days due to "false" really bad labor pains. He came a day after due date. I can't count how long I was in labor with him since I was having pain for so many days. That labor was also induced after the doc broke my water bag and the contractions slowed and suddenly stoped. He took 12 pushes and was born healthy. My fifth child a boy and he was also as stuborn as my forth. I was having pain for over a week, he was almost a week late. I started having pains in my legs along with really horrible back pain. I went to the hospital they admitted me and scheduled me for induction in the morning. I had him by emegency c-section. He was born with difficuties at first but recovered miraculausly after a few days.

All my labors got harder and harder for me but it was all worth it!

Peita - posted on 03/20/2010




I was induced with my 3rd and it was hard and very fast, I was in full labour for about 1hr 15mins! The shortness made up for how painful it was lol! My first was 38hrs and my 2nd was 6 1/2hrs, so things got quicker for me!

Tonisha - posted on 03/19/2010




I have had 3 kids. my first my water broke at 2 am and she was born at 1030 am. My second my water broke at 5 am and he was born at 230 pm. My third was the longest and the hardest. I wasn't going into labor and was a week overdue. Found out that my cervix wasn't turning and the day I was supposed to be induced I woke up bleeding at 10 am. Was admitted to the hospital at 12 pm and was induced at 6pm and didn't go in to labor til 12 am at 230 am he was born. I was so tired by that point. The next morning my husband told me I passed out right after he came out. I didn't even get to hold him right after. So I'm not so sure about the labor being easier or shorter. But they are all so worth every minute of pain and labor.

Jennifer - posted on 03/19/2010




I think all labours are hideous no matter what! Nasty business.....Every single time I thought this time I will have gas or pain relief but I only ever asked for it when it was too late....hehee. In saying that I rekon I could just keep having them......It is just so worth every moment:)
My 3rd was 30 hrs, longest of all 4 labours.
My first was18hrs, along with 3hrs of pushing, she got stuck, 2nd, approx 12 hrs was 10cm dialted and water had not broken so they whipped the crotchet hook out and he popped out 10mins later.
4th was all over the place. I thought I was going into labour everyday for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. I had my cervix stretched the day before baby was born and had on/off contractions for 24 hrs along with a show. Had water broken about 7am in the morning - created more ridiculous contractions..........by 11.30am was only 3cm, so they induced me with the drip and out she popped less than 1hr later.
I wish I could say it is easier/shorter the more you have........and I hope it is for you!
Everyone and every pregnancy is so unique.
All the best......a new baby - how exciting!:)

Nyssa - posted on 03/19/2010




It's hard to say. We barely made it up to the maternity ward with my 3rd one. My 1st was an emergency c-section, and I had no labor what so ever with that one. My 2nd one, my water broke, and they gave me petocin becuase I wasn't really having contractions. I already wrote about the 3rd. I think part of it was I didn't really know what was going on. The contractions had went from being 7-10 minutes apart to 1-3 mins. My water broke in the emergency entrance. I felt like pushing the whole way to the hospital, and when the nurse and my husband were trying to get me into the bed I was having another contraction, telling the nurse I had to push, and her telling me not to. I didn't have to push, he came on his own. Good thing my husband was infront to make sure the baby didn't fall on the floor, because I was barely on the bed. My 4th one I thought the contractions were close enough, but I wasn't dialated enough so they told me to walk for an hour. Said we could stay there, and walk the halls, go home or Walmart. Good thing we didn't go to walmart 'cause they had to check before the hour was up. Doc. broke the water and that one was here in 15-20 min. I guess I don't really pay attention to how long my labor is. I think if my contractions were stronger maybe I would pay head to that. They are only really bad towards the end, but not so much that I have had anything for the pain. My last one, the 5th, I chose to be induced. We live aways away from family, and my MIL came to watch our 4 boys. She came for the 4th one, too, but he didn't want to come while she was here. We were thinking he would because all the other ones were so close to the due date. Guess you can't depend on that. The induction seemed to take longer then we thought it would. We went in early that morning, and didn't have him until 8pm. I think part of that was because the first couple of nurses didn't want to push the petocin, too, hard because of my previous c-section. After they started to push it pretty good the labor went a lot faster. Got scared at the end because they said I had a little bit of a lip left to dialate fully. I was laying on my back and all they had to do was roll me to my side. The next contraction came and I wanted to push. I really think your body does tell you when it is time. Every delivery has been very different for me.

[deleted account]

I hope that General rule isnt to correct! My second labour was only 1 hr! But my 1st was 6 hrs. My second was no where near as painful as my 1st and that was why i was wondering how the 3rd goes as i heard that it was the worst! :( But thanks for the input i hope it is as good as my second one was!

[deleted account]

1 hour labour. Generally each labour is cut in half at least that is what I was told and after four it has done so.

Crystal - posted on 03/19/2010




My third labor was the easiest, no question! I chose to be induced a week early, and I was in labor all of 5 hours. I think I pushed 3 times. My oldest was the longest at 14 1/2 hours, but my middle child was the hardest, and the most painful. I learned the hard way that the more you walk during your pregnancy the easier your labor is. Hope it helps :-)

Teresa - posted on 03/19/2010




with my 3rd my water broke early, never started contractions and needed to be induced. 2days later i finally started laboring with the pitdrip and in 1 hr and 1 push later my babe was born. Typically the more kids you have, the easier things are.

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