3yo DD refusing to poop

Carol - posted on 03/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 3yo DD has never liked to poop even as a little bub she would only poo a little then scream for a nappy change but as soon as i wiped her bottom she would do more over and over till she finished, she was demand BF for the first 5 1/2 months.

that when she started solids she started to hold it in she could go 2 weeks at a time with out a poop and doctors were not worried at all, by the time she was 18months she went on movicol half to help keep her soft as the longer she held it in the more it hurt for her to go as it would become hard then just before she turned 3 after 3 months TT going nowhere as when she to her dads (he lives with his mum after we split 14 months ago) every second weekend he couldnt be bothered to TT so just put her in a nappy it wasent till i went away and his mum came with him to pick her and her brothers up that she said no more nappies in her house it then only took us 2 and a bit weeks to day TT her poops a little longer but by her 3rd birthday she was happy to poop in the potty till the week between xmas and new years eve they had the kids for 5 days as thats all the holiday extra time he spends with them now since then she is holding in her poop again and constintly pooping her pants and getting so upset and screaming not to smack her (i would never) so i asked my ex he said that he or his mum smack her for accidents but my boys say otherwise (11y, 9 and 6y) they say she gets smacked yelled at and even sent to her room if she soils her self. im worried as only 2 weeks ago she had to get her appendix out and wile researching i found out that appendices can be from fecal matter getting into the appendix and blocking it now 2 weeks and 1 day after her op all she dose is small poops in her knickers multiple times a day.

How can i get her to poop properly again i have tried to bribe reward i never tell her off and now i have stopped the kids from going to see their dad at his mums but that is also to do with the fact they refuse to stop smoking in the house when the kids r there he will now come to my home to do visits till he gets his own house and stops smoking inside when they r there, but i still dont know how to help her :( she just hates the feel of doing a poop or is too scared couse of my ex mother inlaw


Amanda - posted on 03/09/2012




Aww the poor girl. I say a lot of talks about how she will not get smacked in your home for accidents. I would bring the pooping subject up a lot to her, so you can reassure you that its ok.

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