3yr old misbehavior

Tara - posted on 06/27/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I need to find out how to discipline my 3 year old Son we have a fish tank and he is always trying to take the fish or frogs out and he will wake up before me and gets them out and wake me up with them in his hands then I whoop him and sat him in a time out chair I have made him sit for just a few mins and get up and tell me why he's is trouble and he acts like he doesn't know I've tried longer time outs up to an hour but still the same results he will do what he got in trouble for again 2 or 3 times in the same day behind your back and when you catch him he will stop and run cuz he knows better how do I get him to think before he does things he knows he should not be doing. Plz help :(


Jodi - posted on 06/27/2014




Put it out of his reach. Stop hitting the child for being curious. Of COURSE a 3 year old will do this if given the opportunity. You shouldn't be hitting him for YOUR mistake. Firstly, your child manages to be unsupervised in the morning before you get out of bed. Secondly, your fish tank is clearly in a place where he can access it easily. Are you seeing this picture? You have set him up for failure.

You want him to think before he does things? Good luck. He is a child. It will probably be another 20 years before he lives up to your expectations.

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Oh for...

First of all, put the damn thing out of his reach. Second, GET UP WITH YOUR KID. At 3, they are NOT old enough to run amok while you sleep. Third, obviously 'whooping' isn't working. A time out is an appropriate punishment, but only 1 minute per year of the child's age, so 3 minutes, maybe 4...but an HOUR??? no 3 year old is going to remember why he's still sitting there an hour later.


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Wow OK I'm gonna start .. #1 he's 3... small tiny and the world is big and he's curious by you whooping him your not teaching him... #2 so if you do wrong at work should the boss smack the crap out of you... wait then tell you why... it doesn't matter how many times you say it! It takes years of consistency to accomplish getting a child to listen... don't expect that fully till 8/9/10... so here are healthy ways that will help after used for 5 months 24/7... #1 be calm and sit kindly at the level of the child and speak... explain in words he understands. Such as the frog is tired its high night time and if you keep taking froggy out we will have to let froggy go outside at the river/lake. You need sleep too and explain it nicely... if you get up to go pee thats OK just wake me up so I can help make sure you wash hands OK?.. (PS you should not go to bed till kids are sleeping and #2 you should be checking every 3/4/5 hours to see if he needs to pee... tiny bladders and tiny minds... he's only going to start to fear showing you stuff and he will start to hide stuff. My mom did as you do... I wanted to read one night and took the shade off my lamp and read under my covers my mom howled for me... I played the lamp on my bed and covered it with my blanket to hide it... my mom had no idea and she always yelled or howled for me so I always got jumpy n nervous so I always would screw up because of it so I ended up hiding stuff...I had no idea how to fix it I was a kid and she gave me no tools or opportunities shed beat my ass and then tell me... no help. So the bed was in flames and my mom didn't spank me that time (she would've killed me) I stood in the door and thought of how bad I'm gonna get it.... she was worried the house would burn down... I had no idea I was only thinking how I'm going to hurt... no lessons served to me by beatings only fear. I'm 28 and I hate my mom and my kids do too... we don't talk to her and the bitch is gonna die soon... yes your kid is going to feel this way if you don't show some love and understanding in his tmyoung mind... emotions are new to him and he has yetvtovknow them all by name so how can he control impulse if he's clueless as to what that is? I love my mom as a person but she's a mean person so I hope I drove my point home

Ev - posted on 06/28/2014




I have to agree with Jodi and Shawnn. This is quite the question. When my kids were this age, i was up with them until they took a nap and if they were sound enough asleep then I took my nap to catch the rest I missed on. You can not leave a kid alone like that to run the house. I am surprised he did not do something worse or get hurt! You want to discipline him? Start setting examples of how to act, of how to speak, to use manners, and what is acceptable or not. Do not however hold such high expectations of this so he can fail. Start out tiny and work your way upwards. In time he can learn what you want from him but only if you are consistent and follow through.

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