3yr old sick for over 2 months

Jennifef - posted on 12/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi I'm becoming frustrated with my little girls Illness and not being able to get rid of it. A few days before her birthday (10/25) she caught a simple cough and runny nose. I gave her honey, cough medicine, rubbed her down with Vicks, gave her bush tea and some cattle tongue bush to suck out the cold and mashed some campher put it in a sock and pinned it to shirt while she slept and monitored her as much I could while she slept. It didn't get better but the cough became a chesty cough when we left the Usvi and went FL. she started weezing in FL. my sister took us to a nearby doctor to get her checked out. They prescribed abuderal w/a nebulizer and amoxicillin and told me to keep giving her kids muscinex. She got better for a week and when we returned home to the Usvi she got sick again. I figured it was climate change from cold to hot. The symptoms all came back and I took her to another doctor who prescribed amoxicillin and promethazine DM. It didn't work and so we went to another doctor she prescribed to keep her on the amoxicillin and give her abuderal using the nebulizer and prednisolone 15 GM/5 ml. She got better and about 3-4 days after being off meds it all came back. This time she prescribed the meds again but this time with saline drops mixed with abuderal. She got better again and 3-4 days after it all came back but this time she was weezing real bad and they had a tough time getting her oxygen level back up to 98. Then she prescribed saline&abuderal mix with a bronchitis med. She got better and was declared clear and well and now 3-4 days latter she is sick again. HELP ME PLEASE!! IM LOSING MY MIND AND FEELING LIKE A HELPLESS HORRIBLE MOM!! I've cleaned the house inside out and we don't have pets. The next door neighbor has chickens and the other neighbor has dogs cats n turtles but we don't mess with any of them and we don't go to there house. My mom has cleaned her house and the dogs are outside and we don't allow her to play with them. The doctor even did a blood allergy test and everything came back negative. HELP PLEASE!!!

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