4-5 year old rage fits

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My daughter has been carry difficult to handle . I'm a young mom of two kids .my four year old has been carry defient lately and none of my punishments have been working . I've tried giving her treats for good behavior . spanks for bad behavior . I've also tryed spraying her with a spray bottle instead of hitting her because I do not like to hit . can anyone give me any tips on how I can stop these rage fits . or how I can minimize her fits . I'm completely out of options except for talking with a child psychologist.


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Spraying her was the only thing I could come up with. Im trying . and I do put her in her room she just screams for the while 4 minutes that she's in their .at least I'm not abuising her . and we always explain to her that her behavior is not good and show her the rite way of doing things . their is a point where if spanking or time outs don't work then its time to try something else . so spraying her us enough to get her to stop screaming so I can get her attention to talk to her so she can calm down . if you think its so terrible , do you have any other suggestions on how I can get her attention ,and get her to calm down?

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