4.5 year old suddenly become a picky eater and back to puree? Help!

Christie - posted on 01/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 4 year 8 month, she will be 5 in April.
My dd was eating puree till the age of 2.5 year old, she went to feeding therapy and it worked.
Before, she will only eat puree and will gag on anything with texture on it and after feeding therapy, she's actually willing to eat more variety food with textures.
She had allergy test, endoscopy everything came out normal.

She ate everything from the age 2.5 till recently, basically, she ate everything that we eat.
Was not a picky eater, even her teacher told me, she always no 1 in eating department, everytime when there's a potluck party, pizza party, she always finish her food , even ask for more.

And then, a month ago, everything going down the hill, the food that she willing to eat become less variety, starting to gag on food,throw up on texture.
We went to her pediatrician, he checked her ear, her throat, we didn't find any infection or anything.
I asked her, if her mouth hurt, or stomach hurt? She said no.

The pediatrician told us, maybe she's becoming picky (her diet is very healthy, no juice, no processed food, we always make homemade food). So we tried "if you don't want to eat, fine, tell me later when you hungry" but we failed on that.
She went on not eating for 24 hours.

She's very smart, she's reading like a pro, writing, counting, speaks 3 languages (we multilingual parent), very outgoing, all her teacher told us that she's very friendly and care toward her friends n teachers.

But now, her "eating department" not so much improvement.
Could she need feeding therapy again?
both me and my husband are very2 frustrated and don't know whats going on.
We are trying very hard making a meal time is happy time.
Thank you!

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