4.5 year old took off at a water park!

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Yesterday, my aunt took my 4.5 year old to a water park with his cousins. They all went on a ride and she told them to wait and meet at the bottom of the ride. My son got off the ride and took a wrong turn. Instead of panicking and looking for my aunt he decided to walk up a hill and go on some more rides - BY HIMSELF! When she realized she couldn't find him she panicked and was walking around the park screaming his name. Twenty minutes later she found him. Thank goodness! The thing is though, he wasn't at all worried. He thought it was no big deal and was very nonchalant about the whole situation. My husband and I have spoken with him many times about not running off without an adult, strangers, etc. This is his first time ever trying something like this so we thought he understood, but his attitude to this whole situation scares me! It's like he doesn't see the seriousness of it. How do I get him to understand? Any suggestions?? How should I discipline him for not listening to my aunt?


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This is a perfect situation for drowning. Please speak with your aunt about child safety. Your child is not to blame for being curious and brave (most are at that age, they have no true understanding of danger).

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I must also ask why the child was on a water ride without an adult or how he ended up out of her sight - that should never have happened in the first place. I don't think you should punish your son for what was the adult's mistake. By all means, talk to him about wandering off on his own, but I wouldn't punish him.

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Honestly, your aunt never should have let a child that age go on a ride without her either going WITH him, or being AHEAD of him on the ride, so that she could wrangle the kids at the bottom.
While your son should have stayed where he was, and should be restricted from such activities until he can understand the importance of not running off, your aunt needs to accept responsibility for her lack of judgment in sending the kid on the ride before she or another adult was around at the bottom.
Next time she invites him along, make sure there will be adequate adult supervision. If she's the only adult, then tell her that he will not be going unless two adults will be supervising.


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I agree with the others, the Aunt is the one that needs a good talking to. You can explain again to the child but I doubt he will listen. That's why the supervising adult NEVER let's a child out of their sight, especially at a water/theme park.

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