4 (almost 5) year old scared of "everything"

Shannon - posted on 06/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old son is scared of everything!! It has gotten to the point where he doesnt like to go to the washroom alone in our house when we are in the next room. I make him go and then he runs back out of breath and scared. I have to make him go back and wash his hands and flush the toilet and he has a fit. He is also scared to go to his room in the middle of the day. If he goes, the lights have to be on and the door has to be open, even with that...he is still scared. He will get his 3 year old sister to come with him to get toys from the basement, there is no chance he will go on his own. He is also scared of tornados and the wind. Once we went to a park on a windy day and he had a fit in the car because he didnt want to get out because it was too windy and there may be a tornado. I explained to him that there are never tornados here and he will be fine at the park. I forced him to come out of the car and he ends up having a good time. He is also scared of ferris wheels and mary go rounds. If we are at an amusement park and want to go on the marry go round as a family he has a complete fit and I force him to go on. Once he is on the ride he says he loves it and isnt scared anymore. I dont know if im doing the right thing by forcing him to do all of these things he is scared of. I just thought this may be the way to get him over these silly little fears. I know he has an amazing imagination...but I am worried that these fears will turn into anxiety when he is older. Has anyone had to deal with a child who has many fears like this? and if so, what did you do to help them? Im lost at this point and feel like such a mean mother at times....


Determined - posted on 06/25/2012




I would talk to his pediatrician see what he/she thinks about the situation. I would deffinitely STOP forcing him that will just add to his anxiety. I understand you're frustration the doctor might have some ideas. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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