4 month old wont sleep in his own bed.

Karissa - posted on 01/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello. New mom here. I have a 4 month old who use to be a wonderful sleeper up unitl about a month ago.(he use to go to bed at 7, feed at 3 and sleep in til 6 or 7 in is bassinet in my room) He now wont nap and wakes twice to eat at night(which is normal) plus another five times just to be held. He is very hard to get to sleep i have to rock him and he fights me everytime. He has not been able to put himself to sleep since he was a few weeks old except in the car. we also got in the bad habit of him sleeping in my bed with me, We have a bedtime routine, bath-massage-eat-bed. I do not like cry it out method so i am asking for some help on how to get him to sleep better and on his own. Even trying to put him down very very drowsy or basically asleep he will wake in seconds and start crying.He is very content most of the time, He will sit in his chair and watch his mobile or me and be happy, its just the sleep im having isssues with. The time i put him to bed depends on his last nap. usually it is between 7-8:30pm. What am i doing wrong?Thanks!!

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