4 months baby on solids and formula.

Lentsu - posted on 03/06/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 4 months baby is now on solids and he takes 4 150mm bottle of formula,is this normall for him to reduce milk intake because he is now on solids.a worried mother is concerned.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/06/2013




I agree fully with both ladies. 4 months really is to young for food, but now that you offered it, it might be difficult to not give it. But, give the bottle first, then the food. Formula or BM should be the main food source. Also, I hope you are starting with simple foods such as avocado, sweet potatoes and bananas. No rice crap. It is not nutritionally sound, and does nothing for them except fill them up.

Dove - posted on 03/06/2013




At 4 months old he shouldn't even be on solids yet, so if he is reducing his formula (which should not reduce until a year)... cut out the solids. Breast milk or formula has all the nutrients he needs at this age and cutting down on the formula could be potentially harmful to his development.

Amy - posted on 03/06/2013




I think if I figured it out correctly that's 5 ounces a bottle. At 4 months my son who was breast and bottlefed was taking more than 4 bottles a day. Solids should not be a replacement for formula and should only be offered after a bottle. Solids before one are just for fun. Also since it's recommended to not start solids till closer to 6 months I would not be giving him solids more than an ounce once a day right now if you choose to continue.

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