4 months old baby suffering from severe cold and cough please help me


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Cecilia - posted on 12/10/2013




Put vic vapor rub on his/her feet and cover it with socks. I don't know why it works, but it does. They also make Vics for babies, you can try that (it never worked too great for me)

Other things, nice warm baths might help clear him up some and help him fall asleep for you. Make sure s/he get plenty of fluids, with babies this might mean pretty constant feedings if they have stuffy noses. Try to get a humidifier if you can and run that in the room with him, also can add Vics fluid to these. If there is a fever ibuprofen works best for fevers, in my opinion.

Otherwise if you're concerned, if the baby isn't sleeping at least 8 hours a day, isn't eating much or has a high fever that won't drop, call your doctor.

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