4 week old soiling 4-5 diapers within 2 hours, on a nightly schedule

Mihaela - posted on 11/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My baby is 4 weeks old and for the past week he got himself into the following night schedule: he sleeps in chunks of 2h (I breastfeed him and change the diaper in between) until around 3-4am, when after getting fed he takes longer to fall lightly asleep and then wakes up after half an hour of being restless in the crib. Then for the next 2 hours he will stay awake and soil 4-5 diapers with watery explosive poop and will also make some wet ones. This means I can sleep 4-5h per night only, so I need some advice. Is there any way to shift this schedule so that his pooping period is during the day? Also, is it normal for him to make so many soiled diapers? He also pees a lot and cries every time he wets the diaper...

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