4 year old behavior at preschool, normal adjustment or problem child?

Shelby - posted on 09/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




OK, So we started my son at a school a month ago. He had a hard time adjusting to rules and the structure of a school environment. He has been at home with me thus far. He cried most the day which got the teachers to call me and take him home, It escalated to him climbing furniture and making messes. At nap time refusal to lay down and running around the room. Refusal to stay seated or complete work We find out that there was a kid there that he was basically learning this behavior from and that he was being removed from the school for this reason. That they were going to access the situation once he was gone. Well, the kid never left and my sons behavior continued. Then, my son came home talking about how the teacher took him to the baby room and gave him a bottle and pink diaper for his behavior, We received phone calls daily and he was sent home a lot. THIS IS 3 weeks after starting school.... We immediately removed him and moved him to a new school. Today, he started the new school....I received a call at nap time because he was exhibiting the same behavior as the last school....At my end. We have punished bad behavior, rewarded good behavior. We are expecting a new baby in a week and i don't know how much the new school is going to take. I think he may have learned that bad behavior got mom to come pick him up. And if schools keep giving up, its gonna send the wrong message when he starts kindergarten. Should i just let the school handle it? Only leave him there half a day to help him adjust? ( But i have a new baby to adjust to, and how much can i do). Without a nap he is almost deaf....he hears nothing and does as he pleases. HELP!!!!!! I know I am forgetting something....SO is thus part of adjustiing or is he just a bad kid?


Liz - posted on 09/20/2012




Does he behave in any way like this at home? Does he have any other siblings, or has he had much contact with other children before this?

It sounds to me like he is aware that there are about to be some major changes in his life (new baby) and is crying out for attention (not that you aren't giving it to him). I think you should sit down with his teacher and the director of the school you are sending him to, and make sure everyone is clear on the expectations. If he exhibits this behavior, he will have this consequence.

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