4 year old daughter said to have intellectual global delay.

Raj - posted on 05/15/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 4 years old and hasn't been given any diagnosis. We have been told she has global development intellectual delay. She is a very happy girl, unless she doesn't get what she wants. She began walking at 19 months, and was never a fussy baby. She is not afraid of strangers and will go hug strangers. If she hears a child crying she gets frustrated and hits them. She will start shaking kinda in excitement while watching tv, or even when she sees you walking quickly up the stairs, or if your singing. I noticed she would squirm when I wiped her after a diaper change as early as 4 months old and still does it when cleaning her privates. We have been to several specialist and they check her and say she's normal. Neurologists have told us she has a very tiny water spot on her left side of her brain. She has tubes in her ears and has had her eyes corrected as her left eye turned inwards. She had a little bit of tongue tie and that has been corrected twice. She had an over growth on the top of her mouth excess tissue that has been removed. She sees a speech therapist once a month along with physio and ot. She has flat feet and wears orthotics. Does anyone have a daughter with the same types of symptoms? Is there anything I can do to help my little girl? I feel so helpless and sad.

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