4 year old daughter throws up every month or two help?!

Rachael - posted on 12/30/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter 4 three years now will start to throw up all of a sudden every month or two,sometimes more sometimes less.She has been to the ER everytime hooked up on IV for dehydration,no matter how many sips of liquid I try to keep in her she throws it up,its not the flu either they said,and her other 3 siblings dont get sick just her so I know its not the flu.She has been checked for medobolic accidosis and that skin test came back negative.I dont know what it is and dr's dont so far either! I have ready about cyclic vomiting syndrome and it sounds just like what she does but i dont know if its something else or that?! any advise would be great!


Jessica - posted on 12/30/2008




Hi there. My name is Jessica and I am so glad I ran across this post!!! I too have a 4 year old and off and on she throws up....for no reason. Not the flu here either. We can be anywhere and all the sudden..."Mommy!!!" and splat!! She tends to do it at night too. My husband and I finally decided that she needed to be seen by her Dr. and so I took her. We were concerned that she may have a stomach problem that needed further attention. So the Dr. basicly told me that it sounded like she was developing a bit of Acid refluxs. So for 2 weeks (which we are still in) I have to give her this medicine for acid reflux and see if it hults the puking. If it does then problem solved....if not then we will have to take her to have a swallow evaluation done. So far she is doing fine and has not puked. I dont know if this helps you or not, but I felt I should share our situation with you.


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Is it mucous or actual vomit? My daughter does the mucous thing and we found out it is because she has asthma. She has an "unproductive" cough constantly, so any time that she has a little bit of mucous that a normal person could loosen by coughing, she can't so she just coughs until she throws up. It is very sad to see my baby go through this. I am very empathetic and hope you get everything figured out ASAP. Good luck.

Danielle - posted on 03/20/2012




HI Rachael,

I posted the following on another thread, glad you know about CVS already. My boss had the same issues you're having with your daughter. Ours actually had migraines, read below if you like. I know the episodes are quite frightening and ours started when she was 9 days old.

I agree with other Moms that recommend taking her to the doctor, but I've also been through something similar with our daughter. When she was nine days old she began vomiting violently and this went on all day long. After a time, we of course called the doc and they sent us right to the children's hospital in our area as they thought her intestines had suddenly twisted. This was not the case thank goodness and after endless tests, monthly vomiting spells, and countless doctor visits, I finally sat down on the computer. She was about 10 months old and I was at my wits end. I had continually told the doc it seemed to be running in some sort of a cycle. So low and behold, I typed Cyclic illnesses in Children and there it was. http://www.cvsaonline.org/ Every symptom my daughter had was staring back at me off the page. I couldn't believe it.

I took all the info to her doc and it seemed this might well be her issue as all other medical problems had been ruled out. We still weren't sure and mind you, my daughter did nothing but breast feed until she was six months old. The child wouldn't drink a bottle or even take a pacifier so we knew it had nothing to do with formulas or anything like that. But it may well have had something to do with diet, but I'll get back to that.

CVS or Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is a bit strange as many children are simply suffering from migraine headaches(which is what my daughter has). To think she had her first migraine at 9 days old is mind blowing, but this was certainly our daughters issue. Now most docs have been trained that kids cannot get migraine until 3 years of age which I know to be an absolute falsehood. Of course we weren't sure until she toddled up to me around two years old and said Mommy my head hurts and she was vomiting violently within the next couple days.

There are many of these kids though that have no migraine headache and nothing else is really going on, but suddenly start to vomit. All cycles are different too. Some may be once a week for two days, some may be every 6 months with a straight week of being sick, (my boss' daughter was this cycle). Sadly too, these longterm spells require hospitalization due to dehydration.

I would also keep an eye on her diet as well and keep a diary even. I realized our daughters spells were being triggered by my monthly cycles believe it or not and stopped nursing as soon as I realized this. Her doc believes she was getting hormones from me and this is a big trigger for migraine, but food is also another. We found that dairy is a biggie for her, so we try to limit her intake of dairy especially ice cream.

Elise is now a beautiful, active 11 year old that still has migraines, but we do control them with ibuprofin to some degree.

I hope all goes well with your daughter, the worst is wondering all the time what's wrong. I was a basket case for two years. I'll be praying for you.

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My little one has GI problems that cause poltergeist amounts of puke. It usually happens when he eats a food he is allergic to -- it causes severe reflux and then vomiting. The best thing to do is keep a detailed food log and see if you can spot any trends. You could also visit an allergist and do some testing on foods.....

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I have allergies to certain foods which make me sick. Perhaps this is it. Monitor her intake and record it so you can check back when she starts this cycle again. Can she burp from ginger ale/cola ect.? It sounds like it's time for a gastro doctor to do a scope to see what's going on in there.
Locate a Pediatric Gastroenterologist
www.nhrmc.org/workfiles/physician/Pediatric Gastroenterologist.doc

Good luck and God Bless.

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Tina - posted on 04/21/2013




My 4 year old son does the same thing about 2 times a month or so ... He will be totally fine then all of a sudden he is needing to throw up ... I'm confused ? And don't have all the money in the world to go to dr after dr .... He is a very healthy boy , I'm just worried !! Maybe I'm going to a bad dr ... I just don't know I also need advise .... Thanks Tina

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