4 year old ... dont want to write

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daughter just turned 4 ,,, started talking late, like few months back, getting better day by day , in special preschool . watches a lot of TV ... dont want to sit for writing alphabets and numbers, bought her so many tracing books and mats .... very stubborn.... attention time very less ....will go in prek in september 2012... dunno wat to do


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There are lots of ways to encourage writing skills. If she's only just turned 4 then making marks on the page is fine, as she may not yet be ready for formal writing. Maybe you could give her some big chalks and she can 'write' on the floor outside, or put sand in a tray and she can make shapes with her fingers. Maybe you could set up a reward system for when she does try.

Also you could have a chat with her preschool teacher about what her expectations are.


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Some kids like chalkboards or dry erase boards. Drawing in pudding can be fun and yummy (though definitely messy). Working w/ puzzles, stringing beads, or using scissors can help w/ the fine motor skills needed for writing w/out them actually having to WRITE right now. ;) Also shaping letters or numbers out of playdough or clay. Make it all about fun and she might start doing it w/out even realizing it.

Also, if she's watching a lot of tv.... you might want to cut down on that as it could be a big source of the problem (as far as attention goes).

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My daughter is only 2.5, so I don't really have much experience in this area that could help you. I will only say two things: 1) 4 sounds kind of young to me to have high expectations in that area, and 2) TV is really, really bad for young children. Regular Screen Time before the age of two is linked to a lowered ability to concentrate later on in school, and after age 2 should still be limited. Admittedly, my daughter is watching it too, but I do try my best to keep it to a minimum and did not allow it before she was 2 years old. I don't know about anything else, but if you are worried about her concentration-span, than knock the TV on the head altogether for a while. I know it's hard - they can be so bloody opinionated at that age!

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