4 year old kicked out of daycare / kindergarten is a BIG concern for the fall HELP!

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My son is used to daycare, previous FT daycare for 1.5 years. We moved and this daycare lasted 4 months. Mind you, a big change going from 12 kids and 3 staff to 24 kids and 3 staff. But I only had him there 3 days/ week and I thought he will have to get used to a larger group in kindergarten in the fall. The issues are physical aggression (hitting, throwing objects, grabbing friends), he seems to be very angry/frustrated - needs help with emotions and emotional control, working through emotions.
We've started (just...) with a counselor and play therapy will be started next week. Hopefully, we can shed some light on what is going on with him.
I can't see a pediatrician until the end of July. He's an only child.
As well, I've read a lot of parenting books, taken a positive parenting class and my husband and I (we're together) agree on our "parenting plan" - discipline, rules, etc.
So this part is good.
I work from home (computer/deadline based) so I have the flexibility to keep him home but I need to get work done (bills to pay!). I can't have him watching TV or being alone all day so...
I'm not sure what to do:
1) keeping him home for now and working on his issues (rearrange/reduce my work for the summer and keep him home and work 1 on 1 on behavior, etc.) MAYBE look after 1 or 2 kids PT for social interaction
2) find another daycare until September - one that has the philosophy and resources/support to not kick kids out - they are committed to working with them. LIKE my last daycare.
3) maybe find someone (maybe an ECE student??) who can come over PT and spend time with him, take him to the park, etc. so I can get my work done

I don't know. Any ideas? Has anyone been through this type of thing?

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